Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

Narrative Podcasts

Podcast pilots produced by students in the Narrative Podcasts Workshop


The Rat Problem

A show about problems that seem easy but keep coming back to bite us.

One journalist’s 20-year journey to an apology.


Leah’s dreams used to be an exciting escape. Now, they’re focused on one thing: invaders. We’re on a mission to help Leah rewrite her quarantine dreams.

This podcast follows the internal and external obstacles facing first generation college students.

A podcast about what happens when our brain plays tricks on us.

As a kid, Bobby Ehrenberg was popular, smart and athletic. Now, at age 61, he is in prison for murder, working to redeem himself. This is the first part of his story—how a young man with so much potential could fall so far.


The Wire

The story of Joe Schweitzer, a former Marine involved in an aviation disaster that left 20 people dead.