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Podcast pilots produced by students in the Narrative Podcasts Workshop

Climate Migration

What’s It Like to Have to Move Because of Climate Change?

Can you escape climate change? As the planet warms, more people are moving because of extreme weather, crop loss and other climate catastrophes. But moving doesn’t solve everything. In this episode, we’re speaking with poet and climate scientist Aryaana Khan about her experience with climate migration and how it shaped her life.

It says it’s halal, but is it?

What’s It Like to Produce and Consume Halal Meat in America?

The sticker says the meat is halal, but is it? Halal food has become a $20 billion industry in the US but it remains one of the least regulated—it’s the fourth most susceptible to labeling fraud in the entire food industry. On this episode, a journey into the messy business of halal meat regulation in America to find out who actually gets to label something as halal in the US.

It says it’s halal, but is it?

What’s It Like To Make Wudhu In Public?

Whenever Dania washes up in her school’s public bathroom, she tries to get done as soon as possible. She’s afraid of someone walking in on her. But she decided she was no longer going to be afraid anymore. Join us as we follow Dania Mansour, a Muslim American college student as she navigates making wudhu, the Islamic practice of washing oneself to prepare for prayer, in public bathrooms on her campus.

On the Job

What’s It Like to Run an Unlicensed Business in New York?

Of New York’s 20,000 street vendors, nearly all of them are immigrants, and most are unlicensed. That makes them vulnerable to harassment, fines, and even arrest. In Corona Plaza in Queens, vendors are coming together to push for change. This is the story of those vendors.

This is a podcast about what’s at stake in the fight against Line 3: Who stands to gain and lose the most in a climate battle that unfolded in Northern Minnesota?

Chris Rock, Louis CK, Dave Chapelle, Aziz Ansari, Mike Birbiglia, Amy Schumer, and Ray Romano are just some of the names that call this Greenwich Village comedy club home. In the first episode of Comedy Meccas, we talked with staff and comics from the Cellar to find out what makes it such a legendary institution.


The Rat Problem

A show about problems that seem easy but keep coming back to bite us.

One journalist’s 20-year journey to an apology.


Leah’s dreams used to be an exciting escape. Now, they’re focused on one thing: invaders. We’re on a mission to help Leah rewrite her quarantine dreams.

This podcast follows the internal and external obstacles facing first generation college students.

A podcast about what happens when our brain plays tricks on us.

As a kid, Bobby Ehrenberg was popular, smart and athletic. Now, at age 61, he is in prison for murder, working to redeem himself. This is the first part of his story—how a young man with so much potential could fall so far.


The Wire

The story of Joe Schweitzer, a former Marine involved in an aviation disaster that left 20 people dead.