Bobby’s Story

Episode 1:  Bobby’s Story

As a kid, Bobby Ehrenberg was popular, smart and athletic. He grew up in a nice home in the Long Island suburbs and was brimming with potential. But this seemingly idyllic childhood was not as perfect as it seemed and by his twenties, Bobby was in and out of prison and struggling with drug and alcohol—addictions that would eventually lead him to murder an innocent man in 1992. In this episode, Bobby tells us about his childhood and young adult years, trying to explain how a kid with so much potential could fall so far.

All images courtesy of Bobby Ehrenberg, Debbie Forte and Craig Haft.

Episode Credits:
  • Produced by Jackie Harris
  • Reported, written and narrated by Diane Bezucha
  • Additional reporting by Steve Vago
  • Edited by Karen Shakerdge
  • Music by: The Tides, Noir Et Blanc Vie, Godmode and Chad Crouch. 
Special Thank You to:
  • Lisa Armstrong and Tom Robbins
  • Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY
  • Sullivan Correctional Facility
  • Bobby Ehrenberg and his friends Debbie Forte and Craig Haft