In Your Dreams

Invasion of the Contagious Kids

Leah’s been living at her parent’s house under strict quarantine since March. Her mom is immunocompromised and Leah’s thoughts are consumed with safety. Her dreams, once a source of joy, have turned into nightly disturbances. Invaders—usually children—try to break into her house, leaving her exhausted when she wakes up. All Leah wants is a path to get back to enjoying her dreams. We take Leah to visit a lucid dream expert, a therapist, and a reiki practitioner to tap into her dream’s meaning.

Credits: Creation, production, and editing by Shoshannah Buxbaum. Script, reporting, and narration by Suzannah Cavanaugh. Edits by Kalli Anderson. Music by: I Think I Can Help You; E’s Jammy Jams; Patches; The Tides; The Tower of Light; Emitt Fenn; and The Whole Other. A special thanks to Leah Rubin, Drs. Deirdre Barrett and Rubin Naiman, Robert Waggoner, and Ariele Max for keeping an open mind and schedule. Graphic by Shoshannah Buxbaum.